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Ten Tips for Reducing Chemical Usage
and Improving Biodiversity 

Just a few easy ideas we already practice at
Envisage... gardens by design.

  1. Encourage the wild life and they will, in turn, work in your garden
  2. Have at least a simple water feature, not only will you enjoy the sounds, but birds and bees will drink from it and it will encourage frogs and toads that will eat your slugs
  3. Keep a log pile for carnivorous beetles - they will hunt down and eat plant munching bugs
  4. Install peanut feeders for Bluetits - not only do they eat peanuts but they love the greenfly and blackfly on your prized plants
  5. If you have the space, allow some of your grass to grow long and keep some cut short - this will create an ideal habitat for Barn Owls to hunt for voles on which to feed their young
  6. On a small scale, tie up bundles of old bamboo canes cut up into 4-6 inch lengths - this will provide winter shelter for aphid munching Lacewings and Ladybirds as well as breeding chambers for Mason Bees that will help pollinate your fruit and vegetables
  7. Plant pollen and nectar rich flower species to attract and feed bees and beneficial insects
    On our nursery, we are blessed with so many Ladybirds we rarely need to use insecticides.
  8. Bark mulches help conserve moisture and food in the soil, which reduces the need for you to apply excess fertilizers
  9. Choose plants that will naturally do well in the microclimate of your garden. A properly balanced planting scheme with the right mix of plants will help reduce the incidence of disease
  10. When feeding, use low nitrogen feeds and include a seaweed based foliar feed that will help improve the plants cuticle (it's skin) which will reduce the effects of those real garden demons, the red spider mites!



 Worker Bumble Bee on Sunflower
 Red Admiral Butterfly on Buddlea Flower
 Yellow Mimulus in Flower beside a pond
 Ploughed field
 Rape in flower - scourge of the countryside or food for bees?
 Yellow Tulips in flower
 Autumnal Colour in Acers



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Water features incorporating Koi pools, cascading water falls and bridges add tremendous interest to any garden.  The smallest of gardens can have a small wildlife pond for frogs and newts or a simple but stylish bubble fountain.  We also undertake the installation of swimming pools and oddly enough also the filling in of redundant swimming pools

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