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Design & Build
the complete service

Stage 1—The Design Process

    Site survey -    measuring the garden
    Site analysis - making note of  wind patterns, your soil type, sun and shade, slopes                           views, etc.
    Design brief -  the meeting where we all exchange ideas for the new garden
    Design time -  hand drafting of the Concept plan - our designers draw up their
                             interpretation of your design brief, with a list of additional proposals.
    Meeting with you, the client, to discuss the plan
    Design time -  amending the plan and  costing of material supply and installation
    Meeting with you, to discuss materials and prices 

By the end of  stage 1, you should have a clear idea of
how your new garden will look and how much it will cost.

Stage 2—Building your new garden

Most clients want to walk round their new garden, not just hang a pretty plan up in their study !
Once you have approved the final plan,  the design team will check the survey details, refine and label the plan (now on computer), draw up the specification document and the order form.

Minimal commitment  until ordering the construction
At the time of ordering, you will receive a fully annotated copy of your new plan, a detailed construction schedule, a copy of the order form and your first invoice for mobilization of the construction works. 
We will also give you a provisional start date for your project (weather permitting)

It is the plants that bring a garden to life and during the final stages of the hard landscaping we will begin the next stage, which is to clarify ideas on vegetation and develop The Planting Plan

Terms and Conditions:-
If you are looking to have your garden constructed as well as designed by Envisage, our design team will give you the first 16 hours of time for a one-off fixed fee relative to the size of the project and agreed beforehand. This covers administration and fuel costs.
A statement of how much time has been used is drawn up for every meeting.
Until you place a firm order, plans are held at our design studio, but you can request to view them whenever you like.


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