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Just Design

It may be that you would like to have plans drawn up  for your new garden or a small project such as a water feature, sun terrace or new border and then implement them yourself, at your own pace; in which case we adopt the following process:-

First meeting we discuss your thoughts for the new garden project

Envisage will give you a fixed price for the design work and give you an order form setting out what is to be provided, for that price.

If the area is over 50 square metres, our survey team accurately measures up the area using our laser total station, which records both distance and site levels. The soil is analyzed and a note of site attributes and challenges is made—such as views, aspect light, wind  and constraints (telegraph poles etc.). Small areas are measured by hand.

Design brief - a member of our  design team  will ask you about your requirements for the new project and we have an extensive questionnaire to cover most of the usual points raised. Our designers have a great deal of experience and will also make suggestions about what you could do to refresh the garden or project area.

The designers work to produce the outline Concept plan showing all the new ideas and you meet with them to amend and refine the plan until you have reached the point where the final draft can be produced.

A planting plan may also be included after the concept stage. 

If you are to implement  the project yourself, your designer will be more than happy to advise on the purchasing of materials and some guidance on how to proceed.

On the other hand, if by this stage you would like one of the Envisage teams to construct your project, we will be pleased to give you a  price for the work - we already know your project inside out !

Invoices for pure design work are issued in three progress stages, with the final invoice being submitted with the completed drafts.


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