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Purchase Plants with Confidence

Our Plant Guarantee: if a plant fails to establish within one growing season, in spite of you caring for it, Envisage will replace the plant free of charge.
(further details of our plant guarantee available upon request)

During the growing season, we will visit your garden to ensure good plant establishment and discuss any concerns you may have.

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The Planting Plan...

is one of the most important stages of garden design ... and the most fun! 

Planting will have been discussed during the design concept stages, but once construction is underway it is time to develop the planting plan, showing each plant in it's exact location in your new garden.

The plant selection determines the style of the garden; for example - traditional cottage garden, or spiky Mediterranean, or low maintenance and it is worth spending time getting it right.

Clients are actively encouraged to take a major part in deciding which trees, shrubs or perennials to use, but they can leave it all to the designer if they prefer or feel unsure about aggressive foliage and Latin  names!.  

Easy maintenance gardens and natural planting schemes that support birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife are becoming increasingly popular and are of specific interest to us at Envisage.  

Plants are supplied from our own Nursery, local specialist nurseries and from Europe (as required).  

You may wish to do the planting yourself, or leave it all to our team of trained horticulturists, or we can do the larger backbreaking, structural elements and you can finish off planting the smaller ones!

Please note: Fees are charged for planting plans, but these are offset by the discount we give you when you purchase the plants.


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