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Envisage and the Environment

Conservation and recycling are hot topics in the press these days, but at Envisage we have been using peat free compost and organic based fertilisers for ground improvement for over ten years and we have been growing our plants in reduced peat compost for even longer; although there is always more research to be done to advance our growing media recipes. 

It is important that we always consider the environmental impact of our actions  - constructing gardens thoughtfully gives us all the opportunity to give something back to the planet.

At Envisage, we practice strict observation of the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines. All our timber comes from approved sources and  natural stone products are procured from ethical companies. We like to use recycled products (such as old bricks and reclaimed sands) were appropriate.

Recycling - things we encourage our clients to embrace:
Waste products should always be handled responsibly. Sending waste materials to be recycled means they can be turned into something useful. Old paving slabs, bricks and concrete can be crushed to make hardcore and then used to form a solid base for your new patio or drive..

Rain water run off: Collect and conserve rainwater in storage tanks for watering the garden, topping up your pond or washing the car. Or keep it in the garden longer by  using permeable paving systems  and gravel areas that allow water to percolate down into your garden soil and  installing drains and soakaways to reduce water running off down the road and causing flooding elsewhere.

Plant trees (even small ones) - their roots penetrate the subsoil and allow water to percolate deep into the ground.

Careful Planting Design By selecting drought tolerant perennials and shrubs you can reduce the water demand of your garden.

Keep compost, but do it well. Not only will this help improve your ground but this will provide a home for slow worms which will eat your slugs and help protect your Hostas! If this is not possible, use the council's green waste scheme then buy their compost back - it makes a great soil conditioner!



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Gardens to support wildlife: - this is an area of specific interest to us at Envisage.

Eco-friendly gardening using the minimum of chemicals - preferably none at all if possible.

Sustainable drainage systems and water harvesting are areas of increasing popularity with clients along with green roof technology and the use of solar energy to provide garden lighting.


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